How Your Treasures are Made



Each of my pieces is made through the magic of Electroforming.
Electroforming is the combination of art and science. It incorporates alchemy into the creative process while allowing the artist to grow and build up a copper deposit on most any object. I work with healing earth Crystal's and incorporate at times actually pieces of the earth, ie, twigs, flowers etc.
Electroforming is defined as the intricate process of chemically controlling a metal deposit (i.e. copper) onto a conductive surface. This actual electroform process usually takes 48 for me. But the creation of the pieces starts long before they go into the bath.
Each crystal I use is hand picked by myself. I set out on treasure hunts where I can hold and feel every single crystal in my hands before choosing those who call to me.
Then the crystal's remain nestled peacefully amongst my plants, lounging in the moonlight and sunlight until I have an inspiration to work with them.
My inspiration usually comes in bursts so you will find I often either have a full shop when I post everything at once, or an empty shop when everything has sold and I'm playing with ideas and thoughts. So it's good to follow me on Instagram where I keep my family there updated and check back into my shop here and there to see if new treasures have been revealed.
I consider myself an artist and my work to be art. It's not consumerism but it is magic.
I believe every woman is wild and strong and when we connect to ourselves and the power of the earth we are full of joy and health, better able to face life in all its beauty and pain.